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Ice Shield™
Emphasizing quality, value, service, and convenience, Rockwell Collins’s Ice Shield™ De-icing Systems have become a preferred brand for aircraft de-icers.

Ice Shield™

Rockwell Collins’s Ice Shield™ de-icing systems include pneumatic wing de-icers, electric propeller, and engine inlet de-icers. With their 48-hour delivery guarantee, no-hassle warranty, and up to 60% longer service life, Ice Shield™ de-icers are faster, better, and smarter.

Where Dedication Meets Innovation

Rockwell Collins’s dedication to innovation and customer service doesn’t stop with aircraft interior solutions. Ice Shield™ products have accumulated over 18 million flight hours, include Edge Guard™ and Aeroguard™ technology, and are laboratory-proven to increase service life up to 60%.

Learn More About the Ice Shield™ Family of Products

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