AATC Product Solutions - Electronics Systems - Collins Aerospace

Product Solutions

AATC has the combined engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, and test experience to serve a wide range of markets—including military/defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial equipment.


  • VME/VPX ruggedized computing
  • Power supplies and systems
  • Power distribution

Installed on Platforms/Applications for

  • UAVs
  • CH-47 overhead, cockpit, and cargo bay switching panels
  • S-76 cooling system/cockpit panels
  • S-70 searchlight controller
  • F-16 flight control computer
  • B-52/C-130 integrated display panel
  • EH-101 communications systems panel
  • AH-64 mission video data processor
  • F-22 interconnect adapters, cables
  • Anti-icing controller
  • F-16 recon camera power supplies
  • B-1B battery charger
  • E-3/E-8
  • G/ATOR Humvee radar power supply

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