AATC Electronics Systems - Collins Aerospace
Designs and manufactures cockpit avionics and control panels, custom power, electronic systems for airborne military systems, ground vehicles, and shipboard applications.
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Specializes in power conversion, cockpit controls and displays, complete box build and circuit card assembly, and value-added solutions for mission-critical products.


American Avionic Technologies Corporation (AATC) engineers, designs, and manufactures custom electronic assemblies and components for systems, sub-systems, and test equipment in military and commercial aircraft, surface ship, and military ground vehicle applications. AATC constantly reinforces its “Best Value” supplier status by managing the customer’s needs through engineering, manufacturing, testing services, reduced lead times, and 100% on-time delivery.

Home to over 23,000 square feet of manufacturing, AATC offers design-to-specification engineering services and complete turnkey manufacturing. By managing complex projects in one facility, AATC reduces lead times and cost while providing consistent quality and delivery.

Engineering Innovation

AATC has a broad range of engineering design skills that include innovative power conversion, testing, and systems development solutions, and over 35 years of experience in power supply design for high-reliability, military, and COTS applications.

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  • Learn about our design engineering, power management, manufacturing, and testing capabilities.

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  • AATC has the combined engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, and test experience to serve a wide range of markets—including military/defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial equipment.

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