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Product Solutions

CGR/Thompson has demonstrated innovation and expertise for over four decades in machining and brazing complex chassis and other thermal management components for a wide range of industries and applications.

Experience & Equipment to Meet a Range of Needs

Our new and existing equipment, and working knowledge with many different styles of chassis, heat exchangers, and air and liquid flow-through (LFT) devices, ensures CGR/Thompson personnel possess the necessary skills to manufacture parts that are compliant with the tight specifications and varied requirements of our customers.

CGR products include:
  • Chassis and enclosures
  • Cold plates
  • Heat sinks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Liquid flow-throughs (LFT)
  • Brazing services

Liquid Flow-Through Components

CGR has produced a wide range of LFT components for military and commercial applications that meet difficult requirements of flatness, perpendicularity, profiling, and true positioning of holes.

These types of components require maintaining very tight flatness over the fin cavity for wall thickness integrity and proper heat transfer, even with internal flow paths that have varying heights.

Cold Walls and Heat Sinks

CGR routinely produces finned cold walls, cold plates, and heat sinks. We have experience in adhesively bonding these components into complete assemblies. We constantly maintain the proper relationship between chassis, card guides, and adjoining card slots, even across a wide span. Airflow modules can be produced in various sizes and thermal capabilities.

Chassis and Enclosures

CGR is adept at manufacturing chassis and enclosures that meet ATR, VME, VITA, and other open architectures. We produce conduction, free-convection, forced-air, and liquid-cooled chassis and enclosures that comply with the standard formats or are tailored to our customers’ specific requirements. These passively or actively cooled enclosures have applications over a wide range of industries and platforms.

Other Products

CGR manufactures stacked plate-fin core, vacuum-brazed heat exchangers that include welded headers for military and industrial applications. Avionic rack assemblies and flat-panel display chassis are just some of our other offerings.

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