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Product Solutions

We combine our thermal analysis, manufacturing, and assembly/test experience to serve a wide range of markets, including military/defense, commercial aerospace, and industrial equipment.

Brazed Chassis & Enclosures

Brazonics manufactures conduction, free-convection, forced-air, and liquid-cooled chassis and enclosures that comply with the ATR/VME formats. We understand the importance of rail tolerances, pin-to-pin tolerances, datum surfaces, and other critical aspects that are required to produce an LRU chassis that may include unforgivable connectors and quick disconnects.

Brazonics uses advanced techniques and fixtures in an environmentally controlled production facility to produce the critical tight-tolerance components that make up a chassis. CMM data is actually taken right from our state-of-the-art CNCs to ensure the highest-quality part without having to wait in an inspection line. Parts are taken to a separate near-clean room environment brazing area where they are prepared and placed into fixtures for vacuum or dip brazing.

Brazonics’ legacy in chassis includes critical components such as air- and fuel-cooled chassis for the flight.

Complex Assemblies & Chassis

Brazonics has a reputation of distinction, and truly outshines any competition, in the production of custom complex assemblies and chassis. Today’s demanding requirements and limits on available space and weight in mission-critical applications may require a design solution that combines vacuum brazing with dip brazing, bonding, welding, and high-speed machining.

Some of the most advanced and complex avionic rack assemblies, flat-panel display chassis, and waveguide components in the world are manufactured by Brazonics using our combined manufacturing techniques. In cases where our competitors told their customer that they could not produce such an assembly, we triumphantly succeeded in producing the required product.

Vacuum-Brazed Cold Plates & Heat Exchangers

Brazonics is a market leader in the design of custom aluminum vacuum-brazed cold plates and heat exchangers. Our engineering team consists of highly trained thermal, mechanical, and manufacturing engineers dedicated to innovation. Our engineers will design your cold plate as a built-to-spec, or partner with your engineering team to co-develop a cost-effective solution to your demanding thermal and environmental challenges. Also, Brazonics works as a built-to-print fabrication facility where we provide a manufactured, tested, and qualified cold plate or heat exchanger to your fully developed design.

From prototypes to qualification and production, Brazonics provides you a tight-tolerance, extremely-flat cold plate that meets your demands. If you need to transfer heat to an aluminum heat exchanger, we produce custom aluminum-plate fin heat exchangers as well.

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