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Learn more about the professional fields that inspire our employees to innovate, and the positions within each field that spark their passions.

Your Motivation Opens the Door to Success.

From a milled piece of metal to the ink on a signed contract, the work you do each day creates rich opportunities—and many ways to be successful. Learn more about the professional fields that inspire our employees to innovate, and the positions within each field that spark their passions.

What Does a Collins Aerospace Employee Do?

At Collins Aerospace, each discipline works with the others to create an environment of complete collaboration. Our career experience is designed to give you the chance to influence a dynamic global organization, see the results of your efforts, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Expand your specialty, and discover how much more you can do at Collins Aerospace.


Here’s your opportunity to take your engineering experience to a new level. Each day you will discover important challenges and provide solutions that define our industry, as well as keep travelers safe. Here are just a few of our engineering careers:

  • With technology at its finest, our Mechanical Design Engineers utilize 3-D solid modeling software (Unigraphics) to develop design concepts as well as produce engineering drawings. With that, they select the materials and design parts for aircraft modifications and interior products.
  • It’s where skill meets imagination. As a Mechanical Designer, you’ll design and produce mechanical components and assemblies using best practices with an emphasis on manufacturability, reliability, and maintainability.
  • In analyzing aircraft structural designs for components and assemblies, Stress Engineers play an essential role at Collins Aerospace. They also compile substantiation reports for the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance purposes.
  • Our reputation is in the hands of our Structures Engineers as they use their experiences to analyze structural and primary aircraft composition designs, as well as compile substantiation reports for the Federal Aviation Administration for compliance purposes.
  • With a real passion for the product, our Manufacturing Engineers are continually improving equipment or product designs, performing materials testing, involved in the preparation of specifications, process studies, or research investigations in a lean manufacturing environment.
  • Our Industrial Engineers plan and oversee the utilization of production facilities and staff to ensure efficient and safe operations in a lean manufacturing environment.
  • An important part in our product production, our Aerospace Certification Engineers are responsible for the research, planning, and testing of the FAA certification-approval process.
  • Collins Aerospace’s Quality Engineers take pride in planning and directing activities concerned with the development, application, and maintenance of quality standards for manufacturing processes, materials, and products.
  • Each day, our Reliability Engineers display proficiency in aircraft weight and balance calculations as they perform weight trade-off studies and synthesize product weight from layout drawings.
  • Test Engineers at Collins Aerospace analyze and forecast complex system reliabilities, as well as design appropriate testing and validation protocols.
  • When it comes to specific needs for electronic components, our Electrical Engineers design, fabricate, modify, and evaluate complex electronic circuitry of electronic devices or systems.
  • As an engineering leader, our Engineering Managers are responsible for the management of resources and processes of the engineering platforms within business units, including the development of projects, structures, and operations as part of a product program. Additionally, our Engineering Managers oversee the direction, coordination, and evaluation of the entire product or business unit.
  • Efficient and accurate, our Technicians perform the work direction and coordination of activities at the sub-assembly and final-assembly operations areas.

Operational Excellence

It’s more than a job. It’s an art form. You take great pride in the work you do. Every groove, each detail—they all mean something to you—which is why you’re perfect for us. Leave your fingerprint on the world, as you join Collins Aerospace.

  • Piece by piece, our Assemblers take pride in performing electronic operations, electromechanical, and mechanical production sub-assembly and assembly operations under close supervision.
  • Masters of perfection, our Inspectors take a close eye as they inspect everything from parts, assemblies, and finished products to drawings and specifications.
  • The right tools make the job run perfectly, and our Machinists operate and set up a variety of machine tool equipment.
  • With the precision of a surgeon, our Machine Operators control a variety of production machine tools such as drill or punch presses, power mills, brakes, sheers, mills, lathes, milling machines, boring machines, and grinders. They also have expertise machining metallic and non-metallic parts.
  • Time always translates into money. Our Production Planners and Schedulers provide master schedules for plant production operations to meet agreed-upon shipping requirements.
  • With years of experience and industry knowledge, our Manufacturing Supervisors implement activities in production units to meet production goals, quality, and cost objectives, as well as oversee nonexempt associates involved in production, assembly, subassembly, or fabrication operations.
  • The title says it all. Our Director of Continuous Improvement defines the improvement strategies for the site, while teaming with Managers and Supervisors in all areas of the company to deliver tangible enhancements in line with the site strategy.


Always evolving. Continuously essential. Technology today is all around us. It ensures perfection and simplifies the processes. At Collins Aerospace, we look to our IT group to keep us on the cutting edge of performance—and at the forefront of the industry.

  • It takes a well-rounded and talented group to support an industry leader like Collins Aerospace. Our Data Center and Help Desk Specialists are responsible for providing technical support to personal computer and PC network users by troubleshooting non-complex hardware and/or software problems, in addition to basic training on hardware and/or software applications.
  • Experts in anticipating challenges and creating solutions, our IS Application Analysts/Specialists are accountable for systems-process analysis and design with a focus on quality improvement, data management, process improvement, and/or re-engineering. These positions are a link between the IS group and a functional business unit, e.g., Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales/Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Supply Chain.
  • Keeping the company connected, our System Network Administrators support, maintain, develop, and troubleshoot the network infrastructure and related components within our manufacturing environment.

Global Supply Chain & Logistics

Time, precision, and organization—it’s all in a day’s work for our Global Supply Chain and Logistics group. Join Collins Aerospace and your skills will be put to the test as you keep a worldwide aerospace leader moving across the globe.

  • Fast and efficient, our Expeditors perform routine expediting/dispatching tasks as assigned to ensure a timely flow of production and assembly activities.
  • Experienced with market knowledge and industry trends, our Purchasing Agents manage, control, and direct the activities and staff involved in the multiple functions of purchasing, material planning, stores, inventory control, production control, traffic, shipping, and receiving.
  • Reliable perfectionists, our Inventory Control Analysts ensure the security and accountability of inventory through transaction documentation, process and procedure verification, and system review. They also conduct physical inventories and lead cycle counts.
  • Also experienced with market knowledge and industry trends, our Strategic Buyers establish contracts for merchandise, materials, components, equipment, and services. They’re also responsible for purchasing materials, parts, supplies, and equipment following established purchasing policies and procedures, as well as optimizing price, delivery, and terms.
  • Responsible and experienced, our Material Managers control and direct the staff and activities involved in the multiple functions of purchasing, material planning, stores, inventory control, production control, traffic, shipping, and receiving. They develop and maintain procurement practices and policies, which ensure that the delivery of goods, equipment, materials, and supplies is timely, economical, and consistent with Collins Aerospace’ quality standards and specifications.
  • Our Purchasing Managers direct and coordinate the activities of teams engaged in purchasing and distributing raw materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies.

Program Management

With this much impact on the world’s airline industry comes just as much responsibility. Our Program Management professionals are challenged each day with keeping our business on track, as we continue to provide products that make air travel possible.

  • The ultimate multi-taskers, our Program Administrators are responsible for coordinating and administering program activities, along with monitoring conformance to work plans for the manufacturing of aircraft interior products.
  • Dedicated and resourceful, our Contract Administrators plan and implement activities that support the sales/marketing functions. This includes sales proposal writing and contract administration. They also recommend actions, schedule and plan projects, and gather costs and associated information while managing activities.
  • With their ability to remain focused on the end-result, our Program Managers coordinate and oversee the activities of product line/programs involving department or cross-functional teams. They also focus on delivery within prescribed time frames and funding parameters, while monitoring the product line/program from initiation through final delivery to customers.


From organization costs to production costs to even investor relations, the bottom line is much more than profits. The many facets of our company provide you with an opportunity to gain experience, grow as a professional, and keep us thriving as an international business.

  • An essential part of our company, our Accountants analyze financial information and prepare financial reports. They provide specialized or general analysis support in various accounting functions, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, cost accounting, fixed-asset accounting, and general accounting.
  • The more efficient we are in spending, the better we can operate. Our Cost Accountants apply principles of cost accounting to conduct studies, providing detailed cost information for the manufacturing of products.
  • Our business relationships are critical. Accounts Payable Specialists operate under supervision as they perform routine accounting support duties in the areas of accounts payable. They primarily research invoices, interact with vendors, and maintain relations with internal customers.
  • To keep the business cycle moving, our Accounts Receivable Specialists perform a variety of clerical and accounting tasks, which involve contacting customers for payment information and/or problem resolution.
  • Keeping our investments in our best interest is critical. Our Business Unit Controllers administer the financial activities of a business unit by directing all accounting practices, budgets, cost controls, financial systems, and reports. They analyze and interpret financial data and recommend changes to improve systems and financial performance of the business unit.
  • With a keen eye for trends, our Financial Analysts are responsible for maintaining the financial planning and reporting systems, preparing and analyzing financial reports, and compiling and reviewing department plans and monthly forecasting processes.

Human Resources

At Collins Aerospace, our people are our lifeline. It’s our duty to foster a culture that promotes growth, provides support, and encourages a positive work/life balance. It allows us to recruit and maintain talented and passionate professionals. Our Human Resources professionals make a difference, and strengthen the core of our organization.

  • Building our company from the inside out, our HR Managers are responsible for the development and implementation of plans and programs to ensure the most effective utilization of human resources to support business objectives.
  • Resourceful and driven, our HR Generalists provide HR expertise in diversified areas, including the recruitment process, employee relations, benefits, and training.
  • Our HR Assistants Administrators play an important role in our HR team. They’re responsible for providing clerical/administrative support for the human resources functions, including the areas of compensation/benefits, employment, employee relations, and training.
  • Our people are important to us. That’s why our Benefits and Compensation Analysts are hard at work researching, analyzing, and developing modifications to benefits or compensation programs, to meet the objectives and needs of the organization.
  • Finding the best talent isn’t always easy. Our Recruiters are tasked with developing and improving current recruitment activity, as well as developing programs that are designed to train and develop future talent for the company. This includes sourcing, selection, and interviewing.

Sales & Customer Support

Our quality, reputation, and products are the staples of our success. But it takes the talent, personality, and drive of our Sales and Customer Support team to showcase our products and keep our name in the forefront of the marketplace.

  • As the face of our company, our Sales Managers are responsible for sales activities by specific region or product, which generate sales that meet or exceed the goals established by the organization.
  • Our largest relationships lie on the shoulders of our Major Account Executives. They are the direct lines of sales, support, and services to airline and airframe customers, as they maintain customer satisfaction and expedite future business goals. They also gather important customer information, synthesize and formulate cogent account strategies, form relationships with key managers and executives, and drive key business issues to influence greater customer satisfaction.
  • With extensive knowledge and problem-solving abilities, our Product Support Engineers provide customers with product and technical support for aircraft cabin interior products, product usage, product performance issues and troubleshooting, and product repair/maintenance.
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our Customer Service Managers and Representatives are responsible for the coordination and administration of new customer accounts, as well as maintaining existing customer relationships.