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Vacuum Waste System
A lightweight solution with a small footprint, minimized power consumption, reduced maintenance, and lower cost of ownership.

Vacuum Waste System

Engineered to exceed technical and operational requirements, Rockwell Collins’s vacuum waste and water systems offer the latest advancements in vacuum waste and water systems technology.

Big Innovations. Big Savings.

Marking the first innovations in vacuum waste systems since their entry into service during the 1980s, and backed by a five-year warranty, Rockwell Collins’s advanced design delivers significant cost savings by reducing weight, simplifying maintenance, and solving leading causes of removal.

By incorporating advanced composite materials, the new vacuum toilet from Rockwell Collins reduces weight by as much as 50%, delivers dramatic cost savings, and is designed for comprehensive on-aircraft maintenance during a 15-minute turnaround. Engineered to eliminate today’s leading causes of removal, the revolutionary system has been through extensive test flights with several airlines in multiple environments.

Advanced Design Cuts Costs & Simplifies Maintenance

Rockwell Collins’s new vacuum toilet weighs up to 50% less, uses only five ounces of water per flush, and solves the leading removal causes found in existing systems, including fouled solenoids, troublesome Teflon® coatings, and faulty mechanical switches.

Rockwell Collins achieves this significant weight reduction by incorporating advanced composite polymer materials into an advanced design. This requires no special tools and allows for simplified maintenance actions and full servicing or replacement during 15-minute turnarounds. All major components have been verified by test to a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles to ensure component reliability.

Progressive Engineering & Materials

Rockwell Collins’s vacuum generator is the perfect balance of weight savings and reliability. Composite polymer construction creates a unit that is 50% lighter than today’s legacy equipment while providing improved mechanical strength. Rockwell Collins provides the lowest cost of ownership of any vacuum generator in the market. Its durable construction and dramatically reduced weight ensure that it will provide cost savings for the foreseeable future.

Advanced Design Reduces Weight & Increases Reliability

Rockwell Collins’s waste tanks are inherently lighter and will require less maintenance, providing low cost of ownership of comparable waste tanks on the market. Advanced external sensors monitor tank levels more reliably, while a ground-breaking integrated vortex separator lowers overall system weight by more than 10 lbs. by combining the inlet and outlet ports into a single tank penetration.

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