Compact Vacuum Waste System - Blue Water Retrofit - Rockwell Collins

Recirculating (Blue-Water) Replacement Systems
The Rockwell Collins Compact Vacuum Waste System (CVWS) is specially designed to provide airlines and aircraft OEMs an easy solution for replacement of costly, unreliable, and unpleasant blue-water waste systems.

Recirculating (Blue-Water) Replacement Systems

By upgrading to CVWS, airlines will significantly reduce maintenance costs, control corrosion, and provide passengers with a hygienic lavatory environment.


The CVWS assembly contains a toilet assembly mounted directly to the vacuum waste tank, which is fitted with integral waste-level sensors. Additionally, a vacuum pump is mounted to the tank to provide differential pressure for flushing on the ground or at low altitude. The entire system sits below the lavatory cabinet, fitting entirely into the reduced envelope of the blue-water system with minimal aircraft modification.

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