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High Surface Finish Interior Panel

Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM has developed a proprietary process, which produces a panel eliminating the need for secondary surface preparation such as fill and fair or the application of peel plies and surfacing films. After a light sanding and solvent wipe, the panels are ready to be primed and painted.

    • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48” x 96” up to 60” to 144” (additional size options are available upon request through the aeroADDTM family)
    • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010”
    • Elimination of labor and material costs associated with fill and fair operations, peel plies, and
      surfacing films
    • Reduced weight through the elimination of surface preparation materials
    • Reduction in processing time
    • Panel is free from telegraphing of the honeycomb core, pitting, dimpling, and waviness
    • Processing can be accomplished on a variety of phenolic and epoxy panel constructions
    • If scratched during processing and handling, the panel can still accept a fill and fair to eliminate the blemish
    • Mechanical, physical, and flammability performance of the panel is not affected
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  • Any aircraft interior panel application where a painted surface is required
  • Any aircraft interior panel application where a thin veneer or tedlar is applied and panel surface inconsistency may be visible