aeroMETALTM - Rockwell Collins



Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM provides a wide range of Aluminum Sandwich panels of the highest industry levels of quality and durability. This aircraft grade panel family can be used in multiple interior and structural applications. It offers the flexibility to customize the sheet size, skin Aluminum type and treatment options.

    • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48” x 96” up to 60” to 144” (additional size options are available upon request through the aeroADDTM family)
    • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010”
    • Available in a wide range of Aluminum alloys such as 2024-T3, 7075-T6 with sheet treatment options such as Clad, Anodized/Chem. film, Primer, Alodine, Bare, etc.
    • Compliant with FAA CFR 25.853 Appendix F: Part I – 60 sec vertical; Part V – NBS Smoke Emission
    • The aeroMETALTM panels use:
      • An Aluminum skin that meets the applicable AMSQQ- A-250 Specifications
      • An Aluminum core that meets the AMS-C-7438 Specifications
      • A Film adhesive that meets the AMS-A-25463 type 1 Specifications
    • OEM qualification on select panels
    • Service temperature: -67°F (-55°C) to 180°F (82°C)
    • Superior Elasticity
    • Combination of consistency to cost effectiveness
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The aeroMETALTM family is mainly designed for aircraft interiors such as:

  • Monuments and Shelving
  • Partitions & bulkheads
Standard Panels