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In addition to a wide range of standard panels, Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM has the capability to develop completely customized Sandwich Panel combinations that are tailored to specific customer needs.

The Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM team will review your requests or drawings and has the engineering expertise and in-house R&D department to review and test as required and produce complex non-standard panels.

    • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48” x 96” up to 60” to 144” (additional size options are available through the aeroADDTM family)
    • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010”
    • Customization capability to fit your needs
    • Can be designed to meet all requirements of FAA CFR 25.853 Appendix F: Part I – 60 sec vertical; Part IV – OSU Heat Release; Part V – NBS Smoke Emission
    • The Nomex®, Kevlar® and Aluminum honeycomb cores meet AMS industry and OEM specifications
    • Capability to Vacuum-bag Cure
    • Capability to run FAA approved test programs
    • Designed to meet all your mechanical properties with the best combination of durability and light weight
    • Ability to obtain OEM certification
  • Resin Options

    • Phenolic
    • Epoxy

    Core Options

    • Nomex®
    • Aluminum
    • Kevlar®

    Skin Options

    • Aluminum
    • Carbon
    • Fiberglass
    *Typical options shown, possibilities are infinite.
  • Upon selection of desired combination, Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM can provide the resulting mechanical properties.
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The aeroINFINITETM family can be used in:

  • Interiors
  • Structural applications
  • Cargo applications