High Strength and Stiffness Multiuse Floor Panel

An innovative panel construction that provides low weight, high strength, improved stiffness and shear in multiple floor panel applications where weight is critical. A Nomex® or Aluminum honeycomb core with a modified toughened epoxy resin system and unidirectional fiberglass or carbon skins yields superior durability performance when compared to the standard OEM floor panel requirements.

    • Available in multiple sheet sizes from 48” x 96” up to 60” to 144” (additional size options are available upon request through the aeroADDTM family)
    • Capability to produce panels at a thickness tolerance of ± 0.010”
    • Superior flexural strength, stiffness, and shear which exceed OEM requirements
    • Low fray edges
    • Improved processing during secondary operations such as machining, bonding, insert installation, edge potting, and decorative application
    • Excellent performance in both hot and wet conditions
    • Eliminates the need for more frequent floor board replacements in the cabin and the cargo bay
  • B/E-TEKLAM’s most popular aeroBASETM product when compared with standard OEM requirements:

    • High Flexural Strength: 89% improvement
    • High Flexural Stiffness: 44% improvement
    • Excellent Shear Strength: 40% improvement in Panel Shear, 68% improvement in in-plane shear, and 140% improvement in Insert Shear
    • Hot/Wet Flexural Strength: 67% improvement
    • No degradation of bond strength in hot/wet conditions
    • Weight: 0.77 lbs/ft2
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  • Aisles
  • Under seats
  • Entrances/Exits
  • Galleys
  • Cargo Bays


Standard Panels

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