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For all panels, standard or custom, Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM has full tooling capabilities to provide panels with value added operations. Equipped with CNC machines and ovens, a variety of secondary operations can be performed including insert installation, edge sealing, cut and fold, and embedded details within the panel. Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM has extensive experience to manufacture hand layup curved panels and can procure custom tools or use customer furnished tools to generate the required shape and form.
    • On-site panel manufacturing and value added to enhance logistics, providing a one-stop shop for customers
    • The sealants used comply with the FAA CFR 25.853 Appendix F: Part I – 60 sec vertical requirements
    • Wide range of tools to enable
      • CNC routing
      • Hand Routing for complex shapes
      • Edge closeouts including edgefill, extrusions, bars, or tapes
      • Insert Installation
      • Cut and fold
      • Hand layup curved panels
    • Embedded Details
    • Available in custom sheet sizes

    *For panel specifications, please refer to the Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM aeroPANELTM families.

  • Upon selection of desired combination, Rockwell Collins-TEKLAM can provide the resulting mechanical properties.
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The aeroADDTM family is designed to meet a broad range of customer’s specific drawing requirements.