Apex™ Super First Class Seating - Rockwell Collins
The Apex™ suites combine the features and privacy of a first class suite with the increased density of a business class product.


The Apex™ suites deliver a very private alternative to traditional premium seating products. Increased privacy along with direct aisle access gives each passenger the freedom to sleep, work, or lounge as they desire without being disturbed.


Apex™ is a high-density first class product from Rockwell Collins that allows direct aisle access for all passengers, eliminating the socially awkward requirement to step over an adjacent passenger. Additionally, flight attendants can more easily serve without inconveniencing other passengers. Apex™ is in service with leading global airlines, including the Skytrax award-winning Japan Airlines.

Apex™ advantages:

  • A long, horizontal, flat-bed surface
  • A wide, rectangular-shaped bed (even at the head and foot area)
  • Forward facing in taxi, takeoff, and landing, as well as in bed mode
  • Undisturbed sleep for aisle passengers
  • Discreet cabin service to outboard/window passenger

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