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UCT Pedestal
Characterized by functional design, the UCT Pedestal exhibits a smaller profile and soft-touch controls which satisfy the desire for impeccable style and an enhanced user experience. Slimline design lends to a modern and spacious aesthetic within the cabin.

Features and Benefits

  • Soft-touch controls
    A highlight of UCT Pedestal, electric-assist soft-touch controls allow fluid adjustability—forward, backward, and laterally—with one touch
  • Wireless speakers
    Built-in high-quality speakers offer an enhanced listening experience
  • Range of motion
    Ergonomically designed, UCT Pedestal offers a wide range of positions through articulating seat movements to provide a new level of comfort at any altitude
  • Ultra-glide swivel
    Lighter than traditional swivel systems, UCT Pedestal also features silent swivel, which provides unobtrusive sound and fluid movement of the seat in all directions
  • Apple® iPad® docking station
    An iPad® docking station and wireless connectivity keep passengers connected to the world beyond the cabin
  • Four-way lumbar support
    Electro-pneumatic four-way lumbar support provides infinite comfort adjustment options for an enhanced passenger experience
  • Waterfall upholstery style
    The seat cushion and leg rest styling is seamlessly integrated, which eliminates gaping, to create a seamless aesthetic and a sleek and modern design

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