Millennium™ Narrow-Body First Class Seating - Rockwell Collins

Millennium™ has been specifically designed to maximize a passenger’s total comfort in the narrow-body first class cabin environment.


Millennium™ integrates the best product features of previous generation Rockwell Collins premium class seating with new geometry and functionality specifically targeted to improve living space. The design requirements were established by thorough market research to identify the best features of existing seat models.

Superior Comfort With Minimum Space

Millennium™ was created by a multi-functional development team that included industrial designers and professional ergonomists. Their capabilities, coupled with the experienced Rockwell Collins engineering staff, focused on the following design goals:

  • Total passenger comfort through improved ergonomics and increased ranges of adjustment for all seat comfort features
  • Maximized living space with no degradation in comfort or seat functionality
  • Modular construction of all seat features for flexibility in customer-specific seat configurations
  • Ease of utilization: intuitiveness of operation
  • Contemporary styling with efficient shaping to maximize living space
  • Commonality of components / maintainability
  • Parts consolidation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Maximized product durability

The end result is a weight-efficient, highly stylized, narrow-body first class seat that has been selected by many of the world’s leading airlines.

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