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Advanced Design Group
We provide the connection between the airline ambition and getting a delivered, certifiable quality product – on time.
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Advanced Design Group

From art to part. The Advanced Design Group has all the resources needed for product development. By collaborating with our engineering team from the beginning, we are able to offer certifiable products with a reduced development time.

Our Story

Designing Success

The Advanced Design Group is dedicated to ensuring airline brand elements translate into working designs. We protect the airline’s investment in brand identity – fundamental to maintaining market position.

Created a decade ago, the Design Studio was initially conceived to assist in the promotion of seat designs being presented to the airlines. Today, the Advanced Design Group is a comprehensive industrial design team that works directly and effectively with an airline or as a liaison with other design firms, all while maintaining a keen understanding of the complex engineering requirements of the aerospace industry.

We save months during a development program by ensuring the design intent from the source is translated into real product. Many of these products have won prestigious awards.

    • IDSA finalist (still in judging process) 2014
    • IF&Y shortlist (still in judging process) 2014
    • Red Dot (to be announced shortly) 2014
    • Crystal Cabin Finalist 2014
    • German Design Award – nominee 2014
    • IF&Y  shortlist (England) 2013
    • Good Design (USA) 2012
    • Successful Design Award (China) 2012
    • Wired Magazine – Design Recognition (USA) 2010
    • Good Design (USA) 2009
    • IDSA finalist (USA) 2008
    • Crystal Cabin Awards finalist (Germany) 2008
    • Red Dot (Germany) 2006
    • IDSA Bronze (USA) 2004
    • Red Dot (Germany) 2004
    • Australian Design Award 2004
    • ID Magazine – design recognition(USA) 2003
    • Good Design (USA) 2002
    • Good Design (Japan) 2002
  • Using a team of experienced designers with a broad range of skills, Rockwell Collins creates unique and ingenious designs. To help bring our innovations to life, Rockwell Collins is on the cutting edge of design technology using powerful software applications to create realistic 3-D modeling and animated fly-throughs that emulate the passenger experience.

  • With deep understanding of the customer’s brand message and acute passion for the best possible passenger experience, The Design Studio creates products that bring life to a brand, while remaining functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing.