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Passenger Service Units (PSU)
Rockwell Collins is a leading supplier of passenger service units (PSU), oxygen equipment, and oxygen systems to the commercial and general aviation industries.
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Passenger Service Units (PSU)

Rockwell Collins designs and manufactures all the key PSU components that meet customer requirements, including reading lights, air outlet valves (gaspers), call attendant lights, “Fasten Seat Belt” signs, “No Smoking” signs, and Wi-Fi signs.

PSU Overview Information

Rockwell Collins’s PSU experience dates back many years, to programs including B717 and DC9 aircraft. As the leading supplier of PSU and oxygen equipment, Rockwell Collins can offer the option of integrating the oxygen module into the PSU, thus reducing overall system weight. Alternatively, Rockwell Collins can provide a separate PSU module and separate oxygen module to be integrated at the assembly line.

Rockwell Collins currently produces PSUs for the newest aircraft programs, including the Airbus A350XWB, Boeing B787, Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, Sukhoi SuperJet100, and ARJ21 Aircraft.

  • 787 PSU
  • A350 PSU
  • Regional PSU