PulseOx® Oxygen - Aircraft Passenger Oxygen Systems - Rockwell Collins
The revolutionary technology utilized in the PulseOx® passenger oxygen system reduces weight and cost, and requires less maintenance.

PulseOx® Oxygen

The PulseOx® passenger oxygen system’s energy-conserving technology delivers oxygen based on a person’s breathing cycle, reducing system weight by up to 450 pounds.

Advanced Delivery System Reduces Weight

The PulseOx® passenger oxygen system utilizes a revolutionary technology that delivers oxygen based on a person’s breathing cycle. With oxygen now stored in the PSU, the system weight can be reduced by up to 450 pounds. Pulse® also requires less maintenance while supporting various aircraft mission profiles and seating reconfigurations. Proprietary systems are now exclusively available on the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350XWB.

Flexibility with Cost-Saving Measures

PulseOx® oxygen technology eliminates the need for rigid pipe, providing mission flexibility. To conserve energy, the PulseOx® system is not powered during typical flights and activates immediately if required. In addition, its built-in microprocessors are designed to improve reliability with minimal preventive maintenance required.

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