Oxycrew™ Protective Breathing Hood - Rockwell Collins

Oxycrew™ Protective Breathing Hood
The CAS version of Rockwell Collins' Oxycrew™ has a new slimline box that can be stowed into the headrest compartment of the cabin attendant seat.

Oxycrew™ Protective Breathing Hood

The Rockwell Collins Oxycrew™ is a self-contained piece of protective breathing equipment (PBE) in accordance with TSO C116, and is used by aircraft crew members in the event of smoke, in-flight fire, and ground evacuation.

Oxycrew™ Stowage

  • To provide easy access and minimum weight, Oxycrew™ is packed in foil and covered by a lightweight container
  • A serviceability indicator and a seal on the container support simple visual checks
  • The Oxycrew™ can easily be mounted at various locations using a special lightweight bracket

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