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Pulse® Portable
The Pulse® Portable Oxygen System (PPOS) has been designed to efficiently provide oxygen to aircraft passengers and crew.

Pulse® Portable

Self-contained and easy to use, the Pulse® Portable unit has been designed using the same Pulse® oxygen conservation technology as the passenger system. To reduce weight and cost, the system’s new lightweight composite design and advanced Pulse® technology reduce the number of cylinders required per aircraft.

Activated by a single-lever system that requires only three off-the-shelf AA batteries, Pulse® Portable is simple to maintain. A charge-level detector indicates via an LED that the batteries have sufficient charge to operate the PPOS for a minimum of three hours. The system is ruggedly constructed to withstand the repeated handling encountered in airline service and comes complete with a pressure gauge, carrying strap, and mask stowage pouch.

The PPOS system uses oxygen much more efficiently by coordinating oxygen delivery with the breathing cycle. As a result, smaller and lighter cylinders can be used and in many cases the total number of cylinders required can be reduced by up to half. This translates to lower operating costs due to a lower total weight carried on the aircraft, and reduced maintenance and spares provisioning requirements.

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