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Integra™ Portable
Intuitive design is the hallmark of the Integra™ Portable Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator Assembly. Engineered for function and utility, Integra's™ enhancements include lightweight, advanced safety features and versatility.

Integra™ Portable

Engineered for function, utility, and an unparalleled user experience, Integra’s™ enhancements include a single swivel outlet, 2LPM and 4LPM flow selection, adjustable viewing position pressure regulator, and versatile configurability—all in a lightweight package.


  • Low total lifecycle cost and ease of maintenance
  • Fits existing brackets and systems
  • High-pressure safety-relief device
  • DOT-approved cylinders
  • Mask stowage bag and carrying strap
  • Available in various configurations and sizes
  • Ergonomic design for the crew’s ease of use
  • Fully interchangeable with existing portables, and no retraining required

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