Sweep-On® 2000 Two-Piece Crew Oxygen Mask System - Rockwell Collins

Sweep-On® 2000 Crew Oxygen Mask System
The Sweep-On® 2000 can be donned with one hand and functions in less than five seconds. It has TSO-C58, TSO-C78, and TSO-C89 approvals, as well as TSO-C99 when used with the appropriate smoke goggles.

Sweep-On® 2000 Crew Oxygen Mask System

The Rockwell Collins Sweep-On® 2000 Two-Piece Oxygen Mask is designed to promote pilot comfort and safety through a variety of included and optional features.

Key features include a pneumatic harness, mask-mounted diluter-demand regulator with a single-knob mode selector, superior-sealing military-type face seal, single-step goggles and face-cone purge, and a non-invasive communication system. Optional features include a Comfort Control™ harness, selectable positive-pressure breathing and pressure indicator, and a variety of oxygen and audio connectors.

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