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Refrigeration Inserts
Rockwell Collins refrigerated inserts are available in numerous sizes and configurations to fit many galley applications on multiple aircraft platforms.
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Refrigeration Inserts

With over 30 years of refrigeration experience and confirmation from leading airlines worldwide, Rockwell Collins is a supplier of choice for galley refrigerated insert solutions.

Supplier of Choice

The performance, reliability, and flexibility of Rockwell Collins refrigeration inserts enhance in-flight food service and safety. From our latest generation high-performance 600 Series Tri-Mode chiller (refrigerator/freezer/beverage chiller), to our robust refrigerators and freezers, Rockwell Collins can provide a refrigeration insert that will enhance passenger experience on your aircraft.

Refrigeration Inserts

Today’s discerning passengers demand premium service, so Rockwell Collins offers a large selection of refrigeration inserts to customize the dining experience. We can ensure that perfectly chilled champagne and vintage whites are available during boarding, freshly squeezed chilled juices are served during flight, and that gourmet ice cream or sorbet are ready to round out the perfect meal. The possibilities are endless.

Advanced Technology with Reliable Performance

Proper food and beverage storage from our state-of-the-art, high-capacity wine chillers, refrigerators, and freezers is essential to enhance the passenger dining experience.

Wine Chillers

With a wide array of wine chillers that can accommodate up to 15 bottles, Rockwell Collins has the products needed to enhance the passenger experience. By rapidly chilling wines and other beverages to their optimum serving temperature, there is no need for the added weight and mess of ice buckets or other means of refrigeration. Rockwell Collins’s line of wine chillers provides the quality, convenience, and reliability airlines demand.


From compact to ultra-large 7.1-cubic-foot units, Rockwell Collins has the right size refrigerators and freezers for all galley cold storage needs. With innovative dual-use design, these units help optimize available galley space while also providing ease of operation with a single-button control. With leading reliability, durable designs, and low cost of ownership, Rockwell Collins’s refrigerators and freezers will provide years of trouble-free service.

Featured Product

  • A true 3-in-1 chiller certified for flight, the 600 Series Tri-Mode Chiller provides galley flexibility for virtually any need. From perfectly chilled wines and elegant cheeses to gourmet fruits, salads, and desserts—menu choices are refined, and passengers notice the difference.

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