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The wide variety of ovens from Rockwell Collins allows for gourmet meals with enhanced flavor in virtually any configuration. Steam or convection, dry or plumbed galley, Rockwell Collins has the right oven for any catering need.
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Oven Products

Crunchy colorful vegetables, tender meat, and succulent seafood can now be served on board with great ease.

Reduced Weight. Increased Reliability. Superior Taste.

Today, weight and reliability are key. Rockwell Collins’s advanced steam oven weighs 29% less than the competition and offers the reliability that airlines demand. In addition to the weight savings, Rockwell Collins’s patented steam technology uses precise amounts of water in the cooking process, creating moist pressure so heat penetrates food quickly and evenly from all sides.

Steam Cooking in Dry Galleys

Rockwell Collins’s unique DS3000 Self-Contained Steam Oven makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of steam cooking in a dry galley. No plumbing is required, making this oven the perfect solution for a retrofit galley upgrade.

Advanced Heat Distribution = Lower Power Consumption

Rockwell Collins’s advanced convection oven design provides precise temperature equalization even at relatively low cooking temperatures. This eliminates hot and cold spots, reduces cooking time, and lowers total power consumption.

Lightweight Strength by Design

Weight saving and durable construction are critical aspects in total cost of ownership. Rockwell Collins’s advanced ovens are among the lightest in the industry, yet highly reliable.

Simplified Maintenance Through Common Design

Rockwell Collins’s systems are modular with interchangeable parts for simplified service. An enhanced service menu diagnoses problems, and cleaning is easy with the stainless steel interior and smooth outer surface.

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  • Every meal retains its freshness and natural flavor due to Rockwell Collins’s patented steam technology. As a transfer medium, steam enables heat to penetrate food quickly and more evenly, allowing airlines to serve the kinds of meals once thought impossible.
  • On-board food preparation has never been easier. An array of cooking functions and preset menus prepare every dish precisely right. The advanced oven design results in rapid meal regeneration at relatively low temperatures.

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