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The Essence® Inserts Collection
Engineered with the latest innovations in technology to deliver an unrivaled experience, these award-winning, premium galley inserts have received accolades worldwide.
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The Essence® Inserts Collection

This collection offers an unmatched level of product performance, innovative design, reduced weight, and simplified user interface. Intuitive features and technology enhancements make Essence® Inserts highly reliable and easy to use, resulting in superior service.

Engineered for Purpose. Refined for Style.

Intuitive features and technology enhancements create a comprehensive collection that is easy to use and provides a superior flight crew and passenger experience. Essence® customers will enjoy weight reduction, increased power efficiency and reliability, and improved ergonomics and aesthetics.

The Essence® Inserts Collection features a suite of products that includes a beverage maker, espresso maker, water heater, beverage cup, tri-mode refrigerator/freezer/rapid beverage chiller, steam and convection ovens, and bun warmer.

Explore the Collection

  • Rockwell Collins understands the science of espresso and cappuccino. With completely independent brew heads for espresso, and a fully-automatic one-touch cappuccino function, the revolutionary Essence® Espresso/Cappuccino Machine produces barista-quality espresso and cappuccino reliably and efficiently, bringing a first class in-flight service level to even large business class cabins.
  • Rockwell Collins understands the science of coffee, and our evolutionary Essence® Coffee Maker builds from the proven reliability and performance of the Endura® Coffee Maker. Essence® effortlessly delivers impeccable beverage service with patented brew-head and brew-cup technology, precise water heating and temperature control, superior ergonomics, easy-to-use controls, and an unbeatable low weight.
  • Characterized by its ease of use and faster heating time, the evolutionary Essence® Water Heater builds on the proven reliability and performance of the Endura® Water Heater. Essence® is our highest-performing water heater available, using patent-pending Rapid Recovery technology to provide greater volumes of hot water with unmatched temperature stability.
  • The ability to quickly respond to passenger needs is paramount to providing excellent customer service. Rockwell Collins’s large-capacity, multi-use hot cup allows expedited in-flight service with preset temperature settings, automatic or manual fill, and a revolutionary heating capability.
  • The Essence® Beverage Chiller/Refrigerator/Freezer is an all-purpose, self-contained, tri-mode refrigeration (rapid pull-down, precise temperature control, or freezer) galley insert designed to deliver rapid cooling of beverages, meals, and assorted frozen treats.
  • The Essence® Convection Oven is our next-generation meal-preparation equipment designed to deliver rapid meal preparation at relatively lower temperatures. Our optimized heat distribution technology enhances meal quality for a large variety of food items. Innovative technology features and customizable menus ensure quality preparation of every in-flight meal.
  • The Essence® Bun Warmer is our next-generation, versatile warming equipment designed to heat breads and rolls, warm towels, plates, and coffee cups. Warming temperatures can be selected at the touch of a button.

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