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Beverage Makers
Rockwell Collins’s line of low-weight beverage makers embodies advanced technologies and innovative features that set the industry standard.
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Beverage Makers

The functionality, great taste, unsurpassed reliability, quality, and value of Rockwell Collins’ beverage makers result in an impressively low cost of ownership.

Low Cost of Ownership Through Innovation

Taste is important and reliability is essential. The complete line of beverage makers from Rockwell Collins is built upon the highest standards of passenger service with the rigors of in-flight use in mind. By reducing the number of parts, improving component reliability, and utilizing lightweight components, these beverage makers offer an incredibly lowest cost of ownership.

Explore the Products

  • Rockwell Collins understands the science of coffee, and the Endura® beverage maker is designed to brew the best-tasting coffee. A large tank, in conjunction with precision temperature control, maintains the optimal temperature throughout the entire brew cycle, and also provides instant recovery between brews. Endura's® proprietary brew-head and brew-cup combination achieves ideal flavor extraction by creating an optimal flow rate and turbulence that properly saturates the entire pack of coffee.
  • With a huge tank and our patented Rapid Recovery, the Endura® Water Heater offers unmatched performance by providing more hot water in a shorter amount of time. It shares the same superior reliability, durability, maintainability, and ergonomic characteristics as the Endura® Beverage Maker.
  • For many business aircraft, regional aircraft, freighters, or military aircaft, a plumbed galley just isn't practical. The Rockwell Collins portfolio of multi-purpose liquid containers offers a solution for hot or cold liquids without a plumbed galley. With rugged stainless steel construction, and designed to fit worldwide aviation galley compartments, Rockwell Collins' liquid containers provide thermostat-based temperature control with insulated spigots and handles for safety and comfort.
  • To meet the demanding expectations of the world’s most discerning business jet passengers and operators, Rockwell Collins has built on decades of experience and innovation with the new Gourmet Beverage Maker. It's much more than a traditional coffee maker. The stylish design incorporates intuitive and ergonomic controls that make it simple to make, not just high-quality single servings of coffee and hot water for tea, but also barista-quality espresso and cappuccino with the novel “one-touch” cappuccino function.

    Compatible with widely-available coffee and espresso pods, and featuring an easily-accessible tank for bottled water that does not require a plumbed galley, the Gourmet Beverage Maker has global applicability for a broad range of business jet aircraft platforms. With its focus on innovation and reliability, the Gourmet Beverage Maker raises the elegance and appeal of the business jet cabin experience.