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Galley Air Chillers
In addition to creating innovative galley insert products, Rockwell Collins is also an industry leader in galley air chiller products for virtually all aircraft types.

Air Chiller Supplier of Choice

Featuring a wide selection of chillers, customized units for virtually any application, and proven in-service reliability based on over 30 years of galley chilling experience, Rockwell Collins can devise a solution that will save airlines weight and space while increasing product reliability.

With over 30,000 units installed on leading airlines worldwide, Rockwell Collins is a supplier of choice for galley chilling solutions. Rockwell Collins air chillers are available in numerous sizes and cooling capacities to fit any customized galley application. The performance and reliability of Rockwell Collins air chillers enhance in-flight food service and safety. From our high-performance compact air chillers to our robust high-capacity air chiller, we can chill any space within the galley, from the smallest pantry to high-density carts.

Right Size = Optimized Cost of Ownership

With the cost of fuel today, every operator is focused on improving cost of ownership. We can help by matching the right size chiller to specific needs. Excess cooling capacity means excess weight and power usage, which means more cost. With such a large selection, we have the chilling solution to match any need with the perfect-size solution.

Technology is the Key to Reliability

Rockwell Collins’s high-performance advanced technology delivers optimal performance with a field-proven, industry-leading mean time between failures (MTBF) of 20,000 hours guaranteed. Rockwell Collins air chillers withstand the harshest environments and the most demanding applications. With our proven leading-class performance and reliability, Rockwell Collins chillers ensure food quality and safety and keep maintenance budgets on target.

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