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    Seating Products

    B/E designs and develops a complete line of commercial and business jet seating solutions, including main cabin, business class, super first class, and executive aircraft seating.

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  • Galley Systems View Products ›

    Galley Systems

    B/E Aerospace provides innovative galley structures and inserts that enable airlines to enhance the passenger experience.

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  • Structures & Integration View Products ›

    Structures & Integration

    In addition to driving innovative solutions that maximize space, B/E seamlessly integrates interiors for the optimum cabin upgrade and retrofit.

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  • Lighting Systems View Products ›

    Lighting Systems

    B/E offers an optimum solution for airlines and lessors seeking a cost-effective way to enhance the cabin ambience.

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  • Oxygen & PSU Systems View Products ›

    Oxygen & PSU Systems

    B/E Aerospace is a world leader in providing safe and innovative crew, passenger, and PSU systems for commercial, business jet, and military airframes.

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  • Water & Waste Systems View Products ›

    Water & Waste Systems

    B/E Aerospace’s advanced-design vacuum waste systems and components for commercial aircraft and business jets solve maintenance problems and cut costs.

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  • De-icing Systems View Products ›

    De-icing Systems

    Ice Shield™ is a preferred brand of aircraft de-icers, with its highly effective performance and lab-proven longevity.

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  • Brazing Technologies View Products ›

    Brazing Technologies

    B/E Aerospace is a market leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of customized, fully integrated, thermal management solutions.

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  • Electronic Systems View Products ›

    Electronic Systems

    We engineer custom solutions for electronics, power, interconnect, data storage & processing systems, focusing on high performance and reduced volume/weight.

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  • Consumables Management View Products ›

    Consumables Management

    B/E Aerospace is a leading supplier of fasteners and consumables, and full-service solutions provider for the aerospace industry.

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  • Rental Equipment & Services View Products ›

    Rental Equipment & Services

    B/E manages the deployment, storage, and delivery of high-quality products to remote drilling sites, and provides a variety of services to support drilling operations.

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