Protecting the environment through sustainable development and collaboration with stakeholders

Corporate Citizenship

At B/E Aerospace, we are wholly committed to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We have a number of initiatives across our organization that support stewardship and responsibility with respect to good environmental housekeeping practices. We work towards executing a business strategy which recognizes and incorporates the importance of sustaining the environment by implementing industry best practices and environmental initiatives in the following key areas of our business:

  • Product development and collaboration with our stakeholders
  • Compliance with both laws and industry best practices
  • Maintaining a culture that encourages environmental protection
  • Ensuring our employees have a safe and healthy work environment

We strive towards integrating health, safety, and environmental considerations in all aspects of our business. We continually review and refine our efforts to sustain our environment.

  • Working with our Customers and Suppliers to Innovate Eco-friendly Solutions

    We share our commitment to sustainability with our customers and suppliers and recognize that protecting the environment is necessarily a collaborative effort. At B/E Aerospace, we think about the environment beyond our operations and consider how our business can help our customers and suppliers further the collective goal of protecting the environment.

    To support these shared goals, we invest significantly in innovation, research, and development focused on important sustainability goals in a wide range of areas. For example, we have focused on developing products that are lighter in weight, use less power, minimize water utilization, are produced with eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and eliminate the use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). We strive to minimize our use of resources, and provide our customers with lighter products that consume less energy and water. Our products that optimize these sustainable features have a direct link to fuel burn and aircraft emissions.

  • Our Efforts to Protect the Environment Embrace the Latest Global Initiatives

    We are committed to conducting our operations in a way which is in compliance with all applicable regulatory laws and our own exacting standards. We continuously improve our health, safety, and environmental performance through the establishment of targets and objectives to reduce our usage, discharges and emissions to the environment. We utilize a comprehensive health, safety, and environmental management system based on recognized third-party standards and industry best practices, including practices and procedures for the proper use, handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials and substances. Through our compliance with these standards and upholding these best practices, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment, conserve energy in our operations, and ensure that we take responsibility for the risks associated with chemicals and components of our products.

    Our facilities in Kilkeel, UK, and Winston-Salem, NC, where we manufacture the majority of our seating products, are both ISO 14001 certified (environmental management), and our Kilkeel facility is also ISO 50001 certified (energy management). Our facility in Winston-Salem, NC that produces aftermarket products is currently preparing for its ISO 14001 certification audit. In addition, within our manufacturing processes, we have fully embraced the European Union’s REACH regulation, which ensures that the manufacturers and importers of specific chemicals are responsible for the risks associated with the use of such chemicals and promotes the use of alternatives. To our knowledge, all of our manufacturing facilities are REACH compliant.

    Further, we ensure that our facilities are not only operated, but designed, with environmental efficiency in mind. We have incorporated LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) principles in our newer locations. For example, we installed LED lighting in our Everett/Seattle SuperSite and our new Bohemia facility. In the Seattle area, we have secured locations that take into account mass transit routes and carpooling endorsements. We have also installed storm water retention ponds at our new SPG Engineering Test Lab facility and the Everett/Seattle SuperSite.

    Through these continuous efforts, we strive to maintain efficient operations in environmentally-friendly facilities.

  • Our Commitment to the Environment is Felt Everyday

    Our commitment to preserving the environment is company-wide, not only through our products and facilities, but through our people and programs. We encourage all of our employees to share our principles and to take an active role in preserving the environment, even through our daily routines.

    In addition to the routine recycling of paper, cans, and bottles, we have a robust program across all our sites for the recycling of machining chips, cutting oils, scrap, fluorescent light bulbs, computer equipment, and other materials. Our Winston-Salem facility received an Environmental Stewardship Award from Tandus Flooring for recycling over 75,000 pounds of flooring material, highlighting our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. Through these programs and our other initiatives, we continuously endeavor to maintain eco-friendly operations in which all of our employees can further our commitment everyday.

  • Ensuring Our Employees have a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

    The health and safety of our employees, contractors, and all users of our facilities are of primary importance. Additionally, we strive to minimize any impact our operations may have on the environment.

    We have established, implemented, and continually improved our health, safety, and environmental management system to ensure the fulfillment of our objectives and compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

    We are committed to:

    • Providing safe places of work and healthy working environments for our employees, contractors, and users of our facilities
    • Preventing injuries and illnesses through the development and implementation of safe working policies, practices and procedures, training in those elements, and monitoring the results within each facility
    • Promoting health, safety, and environmental protection as an integral part of the duties of management along with the education of all our employees
    • Supplying appropriate information, instruction, and training to promote awareness of health, safety, and environmental concerns and the responsibility of each of our employees to prevent injury to themselves and others
    • Complying with all health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations
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